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    CDWalter Rootsie and his Blue Connection – 

Dark Water (Wraf Records © 2013)

What originally should have been the second regular band album  became a  long music project influenced with life events of the band members. Walter was not the only one who experienced health problems. Their original bass player Pete Bergman  had to be replaced for the recording sessions due to a serious illness  and guitarist Parska Saharinen fell down from a high stage and broke his shoulder and had to be replaced temporarily during the recording sessions too. In the end it made “Darkwater” a better album because all this setbacks were translated into the music so “Darkwater” is also about setbacks in life and how to overcome them.
 Many Finnish musicians played  their musical part  in the 5by5 studio in Helsinki and after his recovery Parska  added his part  later in the recording studio in Helsinki, Finland. The second phase began at the Stable Studio at Arnhem, Holland. There all  the additional music parts from Dutch musicians were added to the master tape. The mixing and mastering was done by Roel Toering, a sound engineer who specializes in making vintage instruments sound just right

The vintage instruments where used   to give each arrangement its own unique “Darkwater” soundtrack.  Dark Water is a metaphor for fear. Fear for the unknown. The kind of fear that wakes you up in the middle of the night all sweaty and distressed and let you ask that question “Will I survive? Will I Overcome?” In  14 different stories this  tale is told. And every time you listen to these personal  songs  they reveal a new secret that lay buried under the Darkwater that everybody knows so well.

First CD 2006

On the 15th of October 2006   the  new   cd was released

 Walter  and  the Blue Connection –   Get  Up And Go !  

First release is a limited full color  edition, with lyrics, information,  photography, special artwork.  The CD was first releasedin  Finland, during the  Get  Up And Go Promo tour 2006.

How to order the new CD "Get Up and Go" direct from Wrafmusic
  • Pay by bank ( Only Holland, ask the accountnumber by e-mail) 
        CD    €  15,00     Postage €   3,30  We ship worldwide  (  In Europe -  Express )                            

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     Get up and Go

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